PHOTO GALLERY WALL – “Our top design picks”

One of my favorite ways to style any room is with a photo gallery wall. A variation of different frame sizes, finishes and your photo content can create a beautiful display! Its an ideal way to add color, texture and tell a story of your design style. An eclectic arrangement of content such as personal photography, sketches or paintings can be mixed and matched to create balance, symmetry and tell a story.

“Colors, textures, frame sizes and more, don’t be shy to mix & match your art!”

I am sharing some of my favorite interiors with beautiful examples of photo galleries in different applications and rooms.

I love the use of art on canvas grouped together where all the colors and tones work together. Framed art on a wall can create a strong pop of color in the room, even changing out the art once in a while can create a different color theme to the space.

For the minimalist at heart who may not want clutter, these ideas are just right! Less is more with contrast, lines, and black & white art. A photo ledge display can allow you to layer your frames, easily change arrangements and lets you layer with accessories depending on the ledge depth.

Not sure what to do with your headboard wall? These bedroom looks are sophisticated and contemporary with a great use of pictures frames hung in a grid layout, creating a pattern and texture

Can’t decide on where to place your gallery wall? The best location is always a staircase depending on your layout. Selecting the right photos is essential, whether family black & white photos or travel photography. I suggest selecting frames that are softer than a black frame to reduce contrast and make the feature softer and not overbearing.

Love how cool these spaces look with eclectic art, sculptures, picture layering, and the use of different sized matting. These rooms don’t follow any rules, they are the exception to the rule!

Hope you can get inspired with these ideas for your new project!

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