SHOPPING… “Styling Your Home”

Styling your space is a necessary finishing touch.. like a necklace to a beautiful dress, it completes the look. A new design package we are offering is a “Shop & Style” service. I find a lot of clients have beautiful furnishings but need some direction and the right “lipstick and mascara” to complete the look! The challenge is putting everything together such as finding the right art, decorating your bookshelf, selecting the right area rug, table lamps and throw cushions.

We do the sourcing and shopping for you! A day of shopping and styling of ready to purchase items makes this design package stress free. We set your home up for that event you’ve planning or just gives you comfort of having everything finally in its right place. To learn more contact us to schedule your 15 minute discovery call.

“Making it work, finding the right items.. well that’s where we come in!”

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