LUXURY BEDROOM – “Your Feature Wall”

I recently completed this beautiful master bedroom for our client in the Toronto Beaches. An important factor to this room was creating a soft tranquil space with a traditional style. I wanted to make our client feel relaxed with soft tones in the bedding, walls and the overall decor. Some clients love bold contrast but a monochromatic color scheme is never boring, it makes the room feel bigger, brighter and softer.

When working on a tight budget, focus on what main features you want to highlight in your room? Obviously the headboard wall, bedding, make-up area and lighting are important factors to focus your attention on.

A headboard feature can always be something different and unconventional. This time around we used two decorative mirror styles and placed them strategically to create a focal point on the headboard wall. What’s great about the mirrors is they are beautiful and a cost effective solution if you may not be able to get a beautiful tall tufted headboard. This look adds plenty of interest by creating a pattern with the mirror placement and style.

“A monochromatic color scheme is never boring, it makes the room feel bigger, brighter and softer.”

Look for one of a kind “wow factors” that you can incorporate for your feature wall. Whether different sized mirrors, sculptural art, or a combination of picture art. Think outside the box for an arrangement that could draw your eye to the wall. If all else fails, over sized art can be the perfect backdrop to your headboard wall.

When it comes to your bedding, layer your cushions, find that pattern that doesn’t overtake your room, or that you won’t get too tired from. These days I go on a hunt looking for beautiful bedding options throughout various retailers that are decently priced and have great quality. Shop around for the right bedding that works for you, and more than one to work for the seasons!

Take a look at our completed work and get inspired!

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