Stylish Toronto Downtown Condo

Stylish Toronto Downtown Condo

A great example of what a different styling can make! We gave this space a major refresh, even while keeping all the existing furniture.

This project was for a client who lives in his downtown condo, but periodically rents it out. Our challenge was to create a fun, clean, cohesive look, while keeping most of the existing furniture. That restriction turned our work into a creative styling exercise, where we used texture, colour and accessories to tie the space together into a polished final result.

To meet the needs of both a home and a rental space, we aimed for a fun, playful look that still provided practicality and longevity. 

We chose blue accents, a popular choice that also worked with the brown tones of the furniture. A piece of wall art featuring blue and gold added visual interest and height over the headboard in one of the bedrooms. We carried these blue tones down and incorporated them into the bedding. Brass lamps were added on both sides of the bed to reflect the metallic shimming in the artwork.

In the other bedroom, the pattern on the bedding and the airier quality of the wall hangings give it a unique nuance. There’s still a consistent flow between the rooms, however, thanks to the continued metal tones and blues.

We styled around the sectional in the living room with pillows layered patterns and textures, as well as a new rug. The rounded retro coffee table gives a sense of playful style, while contrasting against the sharp geometry of the patterned rug. To add an extra pop of colour, we added greenery in patterned and metallic pots.

Rugs, pillows and bedding fabrics built up texture and pattern throughout the condo. The result is a space that’s quirky and interesting for a short stay, but still relaxing enough for everyday.