Minimalist Richmond Airbnb Loft

Minimalist Richmond Airbnb Loft

A Scandinavian two-storey Airbnb rental loft in the heart of downtown Toronto shows how minimalism can open up a small space.

For this two-storey Airbnb loft, we created a space that gives longevity to the owner while providing a cool and unique downtown atmosphere for visitors.

Working with the condo’s existing cabinetry and white walls, we went for a minimalist, Scandinavian theme with a sharp black and white interior for cutting-edge impact. From there, we accented with black metals and a bit of texture in the rugs and pillows. We added a lot of greenery for freshness and a natural pop of colour.

Additional styling in the form of mirrors, artwork and accessories lend personality without overwhelming. The condo needed to be practical and functional—which meant avoiding any clutter that could weigh down the room.

As with many lofts in the heart of Toronto, we were working within a small footprint. Our condo design solution for was to limit the palette and patterns for a light, airy feel. On the mezzanine where the bed is, we added a glass railing to further open up the space. The bed itself gets some fun texture and pattern for coziness against the cool white walls.

With a small scale, the challenge is always making the space as usable as it can be. We took advantage of the lowered ceiling under the loft area for an intimate seating area with a sofa and television. The lighting is optimized to stay out of the way (pot lights) unless it has something visually interesting to say (the lights at the side of the tv). A dresser to the side of the kitchen adds storage while a small desk at the entrance provides a surface to unload. 

The final result is a space that feels larger than it really is, yet provides everything a guest needs. It’s minimalism at its finest and a welcome environment for visitors looking for a unique Toronto experience.

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