Old-Meets-New Normandy Residence

Old-Meets-New Normandy Residence

We added modern touches to this older Beaches home for a fresh, timeless look.

There was plenty of untapped potential in this older house (and much of its existing furniture). With some styling and updated decor, we created a more contemporary space that carried in a consistent flow throughout the rooms.

We kept the existing table in the dining area, but added a modern chandelier over it and new pendant lighting in the kitchen. The lighting fixture are new and their modern style and black metal adds contrast to the traditional features of the house like the stained glass windows. We wanted to keep the space transitional rather that push for too contemporary, however, and balanced it with the shiplap texture. 

The shiplap runs all the way up along the staircase wall and into the upstairs hallway, where it provides a shelf for family photos. We also created a space for family photos to be displayed on either side of the fireplace, giving them a gallery feel.

Storage space was a concern with this project, especially in the front entryway, so we added a customized Ikea cabinet. By dressing it up with new handles and a large mirror, we created a much-needed “landing space” without costing too much. We wanted to keep the area clean and minimalist, but still very usable.

In the living room, the traditional shape of the new fireplace mantle is bordered by two feature walls in a modern wallpaper. Blue full-length curtains add height and drama and are echoed in the throw pillows on the chairs. This way, we can add a pop of colour to the room in a versatile way that can be adapted later without spending a fortune.

Similar tones are carried up into the bedroom, where we paired them with luxurious textures and a bit of sparkle in the lighting fixtures for a relaxing but sophisticated feel.

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