Timeless Lawrence & Bayview Residence

Timeless Lawrence & Bayview Residence

New lighting, dramatic full-height cabinets and treasure-displaying feature walls bring polish and personality to this client's new home.

Our client had moved to a new home and wanted to update the space to make it her own. Our aim was a fresh look for her new start, while still keeping true to her personality.

The space blends clean, modern lines with cozy traditional elements for a look that’s sophisticated without being stuffy or uptight. The minimalist fireplace mantle in the living room, bordered on both sides with cabinets of stylish accessories, is a great example of this. A new paint colour, cabinets and light fixtures add major impact throughout the house.

The layered textures and shapes of the dining area give the eye plenty of interesting contrasts to move around without being overwhelming. The modern light fixture against the traditional panelling of the back wall reflects the timeless transitional style we’ve carried throughout space.

In the kitchen, we went for full-height cabinets, which add drama and create a finished look. The new countertop is a large-format porcelain tile that wraps right up to the backsplash. Between the two, the updated range hood blends seamlessly and doesn’t distract. There were some initial doubts about how well the wooden pantry would play in the new space, but matching moldings on the cabinets make it a welcome contrast.

As well as her existing furniture, our client had a beautiful collection of artwork. With careful planning, we worked out where each item worked best and how to showcase her treasures to help make the space more eclectic. As always, we wanted to simplify any clutter to highlight the most aesthetic and meaningful items. In one of the display cabinets, we added textured wallpaper to the back panel, creating playful and budget-friendly custom look.  

For the bedroom, we chose soothing tones for a relaxed, luxurious feel—plus one darker feature wall for a bit of drama.

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