Eclectic Elliotwood Residence

Eclectic Elliotwood Residence

We saw major potential in this space and made a dramatic difference by simplifying, painting and adding texture and pattern.

We had a lot to work with on this project, even beyond the space. Our client had a beautiful collection of artifacts and mementos from her travels, plus a love of texture and pattern. The major focus for us was editing and styling the space to something that looked eclectic, but put-together.

Using her existing cabinetry, we added a coat of white paint and a grass cloth texture on the inside back wall. By changing the height of the shelves and styling the contents, we were able to display key accessories with the impact they deserve. The end result is a carefully curated collection of artifacts, sculptures and books that conveys personality, not clutter.

The fireplace got a major update with just a few inexpensive cosmetic changes. We painted out the brick and added a wall-mounted mantle that ties in the existing coffee table. The mirror on top adds wonderful height and reflection while echoing the geometry of the bordering cabinets.

White paint freshens up the atmosphere of the room, but it’s balanced with the greenery and the natural warmth of the grass in the blinds and cabinet backs. We used the pillows to add a pop of orange, plus built up texture with the tribal patterned pillows and the carpet.

In the bedroom, the fabrics and lighter colour create a high-end, sumptuous feel. Our aim was to create a relaxing haven to unwind and recharge.

This project is an example of seeing the potential of a space and breathing new life into it with a clear vision and relatively small changes. By simply restyling the client’s existing furniture and accessories, we created a whole new look without a huge budget.

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