Sophisticated Macauley Residence

Sophisticated Macauley Residence

Layered finishes and textures over a neutral palette give this room its luxurious feel.

Our client had just moved into a new home and wanted a unique, sophisticated space for entertaining.

We wanted to keep the style for room clean, minimalist and a little on the contemporary side. The project started out by simplifying with a neutral palette of fresh paint, plus updating the flooring. Two couches add a relaxing symmetry and make an ideal setting for intimate conversation.

To make the space feel light and luxurious, we kept much of the palette and accessories very subtle. Even the artwork we chose compliments the room in way that ties things together, rather than pulling focus.

The simplicity of the design is balanced by the stying accessories, which add contrast and bring the room to life. We built up some play of texture with the woven rug and blanket, plus the accent pillows, which have a luxurious finesse to them. The full-length drapes and brass tones bring a bit of drama, while a touch of greenery adds colour and freshness.

We went for an unconventional approach with the gas fireplace, keeping it lower rather than full-height. This helped us keep the budget down while still cladding the mantle in ledgestone, which adds a subtle contrast in colour, and finishing it with a quartz top. This also created a set-back shelf for the mirror and a few display accessories.

Choosing warm brass accents in the lamps and coffee table tray let us add a pop of colour that still felt sophisticated. By contrast, the black metal mirror over the fireplace draws the eye up and brings some impact to the room. 

The finished room is a versatile space, perfect for both drinks with friends or just to curl up by the fire with a good book.