Light & Clean East York Residence

Light & Clean East York Residence

By visually dividing this open concept room into zones, we gave our clients much-needed practical storage space that still blends with their minimalist style.

This family was having trouble utilizing space in the open-concept entryway to their home that led directly into a dining room. We transformed the entryway into a practical mudroom that looks clean and simple as part of the full room, but still has all storage they need. 

The cabinet system we came up with has a combination of opened and closed compartments that lets our clients keep some items handy while stashing away others. A series of hooks are mounted over shiplap, which expands the width and adds a timeless texture. All bulky items can be neatly tucked away behind clean, white cabinet doors, while shoes can be concealed in drawers below.

We broke up the plain white finish with a pop of colour in the brass handles. A rounded mirror plays against the modular shapes of the cabinet, plus allows for quick heading-out-the-door glances.

The cluttered, ornamental old fireplace was in need of major simplifying. We updated by cladding the mantle in full-height stone for a more natural, rustic look. Our clients didn’t want a big display area, so added one simple floating shelf for a few family photos and choice accessories.

Instead of putting the television over the fireplace, we took a less conventional approach and divided the space. The tv has its own designated space across from the sectional, with drawer storage for the kids below.

For this project, we were called in to choose larger features rather that for styling. The cabinet design provides necessary storage that works to keep the rest of the room relaxed and simplified. With the neutral palette and natural textures we added, the space is now a fresh, transitional blend of rustic and minimalist.